Hello world!


Welcome to Cooking with Cassiopeia!

My name is Cassiopeia Caldwell, and I am the creator of Cooking with Cassiopeia.

Nice to meet you!

I love to cook.

Cooking from scratch is not only delicious, but it is fun and easy too!

I love diving into the science behind modern diets and holistic nutrition, unpacking many of societies’ present-day misconceptions surrounding food, and breaking them down into bite sized nerdy tidbits that anyone can wrap their mind around. 


I know many people struggle with health issues and illness these days.

After struggling with illness for much of my life, which ultimately led to having my thyroid gland surgically removed, I set out on a journey to discover the root of my illnesses and unlock the secrets to health and wellness.

This journey led me to the connection between diet and health.

Looking at the steps in my own healing journey, and to the questions I was receiving from family and friends along the way, I was compelled to create the resource Cooking with Cassiopeia.

I established this resource to help educate and guide those who have struggled with their health and weight, who are fed up with feeling bad, and who are ready to take back control over their well-being.

So, join me as we embark on a delicious journey of unpacking modern diets, cooking intuitively, and creating gourmet style meals for less than the cost of most fast food.