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Intro to Keto Cooking Class

Are you new to the keto diet?

Or know nothing about keto, but you’re curious about it?

Or maybe you’re well established into keto, but getting bored of your routine?

After many requests, almost a year of preparation and lots of “test meals” 😉 I am so happy to present the Intro to Keto Cooking Class by Cooking with Cassiopeia.

I decided to open up my kitchen and share some of my own original recipes as well as some incredible recipes I’ve discovered.

Join me and learn to make delicious, gourmet style dinner, snacks, and treats for less than the cost of most fast food. 

In the NEW Intro to Keto Cooking Class we dive into history and science of the ketogenic diet and learn to create 5 delicious keto friendly recipes.

Upon completion of the Intro to Keto Cooking Class you will:

• Have a basic understanding of the ketogenic diet.
• Be able to describe some of the advantages of the keto diet and who may benefit from it.
• Be able to identify potential concerns of the diet.
• Master the creation of 5 delicious, healthful, keto friendly recipes that can be made in no time and WOW even your non-keto guests.
• Know how to make delicious, decadent chocolate without all the additives.

So, what’s on the menu this time?

90 Second Keto Bread: What, keto bread? That’s right. Not only can you have your bread, but with your microwave you can have it within minutes. For real! 

Farm fresh eggs: Eggs are a delicious, nutritious keto friendly treat. The fresher, the better. We will learn about the diversity of eggs and create a couple of delicious keto egg recipes.

Guacamole: Guacamole for many people is one of those dishes that we always wanted to binge on growing up, but were always told was naughty for some reason. I’ll unpack the myth behind avocados and discuss their benefits.

Chocolate (from scratch) that’s to die for: Yeah, that’s right, I said chocolate… delicious, decadent chocolate.